Welcome to Discover the Dayton Region! Our Dayton-based company produces an annual, full-color publication that serves as a marketing, networking, and educational resource. This website provides information about our company and our work, as well as articles and blog posts about the newest developments in Ohio, its leading industries, and much more.

The Dayton region is crucial to the national and global role Ohio plays in technology, engineering innovation, healthcare, research, as well as aerospace and aviation. Our publication explores the area’s leading businesses and organizations, as well as how its economic development leaders influence growth, employment, and civic response.

Within the region, there are new shopping destinations, entertainment centers, housing developments, parks, hospitals, and a National Water Trails giving the resident a better quality of life.

The Dayton Region is experiencing a surge of optimism and entrepreneurial energy-A Revival. The Dayton Region offers opportunities for all levels of education and work experience in the medical, educational, and industrial fields. As the activity and excitement progresses within the various businesses, we will share all the developments and explore the significance they might have for not only the Region but Ohio and beyond.

Telling Our Stories

Telling Our Stories By Dr Peggy Marshall “Your story is your Life” -Jim Loehr Last month we began our journey of “Living Inside Out”.  Did you start your journal?  What did you notice about your passions and your dreams?  This month, we are going to focus on the...

Overcoming Blocks to Success

Overcoming Blocks to Success By Dr. Peggy Marshall All of us want to be successful-with both small and large goals.  However along the way we may run into a variety of roadblocks which can get in our way.  For the next several months we will be discussing those...

The Great Miami Buried Valley Aquifer

The Great Miami Buried Valley Aquifer The Great Miami Buried Valley Aquifer is a 1.5 trillion-gallon aquifer that stretches across 13 Miami Valley counties and provides clean, potable water to the entire region. To learn more, visit www.Daytonwater.org. Fix any...

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