Newly appointed as the President & CEO of Victoria Theatre Association, Ty Sutton has more than 20 years of arts administration and venue management experience, including three years at the Butler Arts Center at Butler University in Indiana. Sutton was previously the general manager of the Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center in Midland, Texas, as well as general manager of The Lincoln Center in Fort Collins, Colo. He has held several arts administration positions, including Programming Director at the University of Utah and Audience Services Manager at the Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek, Calif.

A native of Danville, Calif., San Francisco Bay area, Sutton earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Utah and is a graduate of the International Association of Venue Manager’s Venue Management School. He and his wife, Polly Creer Sutton, a retired professional ballerina, live in Dayton, Ohio with their two children.

What are some of your goals for (your Company) in the coming year?

I believe Dayton will see VTA offering more diversified programming that has something for everybody, especially with the opening of the PNC Arts Annex. We’ll continue our Education and Engagement programs that continue reach audiences of all ages with more diverse performances. We also plan to concentrate on ensuring that students receive as much education in music, theater, or dance as past generations. It’s VTA’s goal to create opportunites for schools to attend more performances as well as bring teaching artists into the schools. We want to create programs that welcome families into our venues. I have a strong commitment to this, because I have you children of my own and I love to bring them to the theatre.

I also see Dayton starting a great renaissance in its downtown and VTA has a huge role to play in that process. I look forward to involving VTA and its venues in the renaissance!

What are some of your favorite places to go in the Dayton, Ohio Region? 

My family has become big fans of UD Basketball and we love to visit the 2nd Street Market.

What do you like most about living and working here?

The people. My family and I feel as if we have been embraced by Dayton and its surrounding communities. We felt welcome the day we came to visit. This region has an amazing passion for its rich history, love of the arts and education as well as ambition to ensure the community succeeds in the future.



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